jac's automobile and chassis sales fall

jac motors sold 35,200 vehicles in november, a full 25.97 percent lower than last year, the china securities journal reported today. the manufacturer's chassis sales also fell this month, totaling only 33,100, 18.53 percent less than november 2010. this is the first time this year the manufacturer experienced negative growth in both its monthly automobile and chassis sales. exports remain a core part of jac's business, with the manufacturer exporting 3,497 vehicles and chassis in november, 84.25 percent higher than last year. jac has exported 64,800 vehicles since the start of the year, over triple the number exported in 2010. meanwhile, rival chinese manufacturer dongfeng has seen its monthly sales increase, with november sales totaling 29,200 units. saic's joint ventures with gm and vw have managed to sell 376,400 and 359,400 vehicles, respectively, over 12 percent higher than the amount they sold last november. however, sales of saic's other brands fell last month. several in the industry believe that the automobile market this year peaked a few months ago, predicting december sales to continue this month's downward trend.
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